The Vessel

The Vessel is a utopian circus show for all ages and is the first project of a Nordic collaboration between a Swede, a Dane and a Quebecer. The soul of the show was born following the reading of a quote from Shaykh Abdullah Adhami:
“Every vessel, every container, will only pour out what is contained in it… everything around you is environmental forces that shape how your being is… Obviously you can only express in your heart what has been placed in it”

The show explores the identity building which, in constant evolution, is defined by those around it. Via the analogy of the container/content, the three artists lead the spectators to think about themselves and their environment. As a container of sights, sounds and emotions, what choice can we make to surround ourselves with what truly nourishes us?

Using the non-verbal language of the body and its multiple acrobatic abilities, the three artists go on a journey where they lend a hand to each other in order to support their group and solo missions. A moment filled with benevolent collaborations, where time stops to give way to high-level circus all in tenderness.

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